How did Kindergarten Market start?

The Backstory

In the classroom I always found myself looking for the perfect lessons and activities, the ones that were the cutest and most fun for my students. As a first-year teacher, the collection began as shared materials from my colleagues, free lessons I grabbed off of the internet, and affordable lessons I bought off of Teachers Pay Teachers. Year after year the collection grew, but I was becoming better defined with my teaching style and I found myself tweaking those lessons to fit my style. There were times that I didn’t have or couldn’t find the materials that I was thinking up in my brain, so I began creating lessons and tools of my own! After building up a collection of self-created materials I decided to create my own TpT store and so Kindergarten Market began as the name of my (official) store on Teachers Pay Teachers. **Fun Fact: When I began dabbling in posting resources on TpT my very first store was called Sprinkles and Jimmies.

What do we offer?

Materials and tools that are fun for students and useful to teachers. We have a wide range of resources that are based on different subject areas, holidays, classroom management tools, data collection tools, and more! You will find many things that will help teachers to teach and help students to grow.

Where did the name come from?

Kindergarten Market was the title of my favorite lesson from my first year teaching (and every year teaching)! It was an Economics lesson created by one of my colleagues, and our Kindergarten team taught and executed the lesson together. The premise was for the students to earn money throughout the week for their “work” at school, pay any “bills” they were allotted at the end of the week, and get to spend whatever money they had left over at the Kindergarten Market. The market itself was created by the students with anything they wanted to bring in to “sell.” Students essentially got to trade toys, treats, and services from their market stands. This lesson just blew me away….the intricacy of how each and every part relied on each other, the participation from families, and the rollercoaster of emotions that students felt throughout. These were ideas that I initially thought were over a five year old’s head, but to see it first hand— how this lesson truly allowed the kids to get a sense of cause and effect, and learn the very valuable lessons of working hard to earn for their needs and wants—it was amazing, and it holds a special place in my heart! If you head over to my videos for Teacher Creators and listen to the intro melody you can hear audio of my actual first year students chanting “Kindergarten Market!”


I am a Kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom here to share my best ideas about teaching and creating. More about me…

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